Giving away 2 copies of Professional WordPress Plugin Development

The title say it all – I’m giving away 2 copies of Professional WordPress Plugin Development. Two recent events spurred me to do this.

First, lately I’ve had to deal with an obscene number of plugins that are terrible. The concept behind them is great, but the execution (code) is bad enough to warrant sticking a rusty fork in my eye. I understand, writing a good plugin is no easy task. However, thanks to new information available (such as this book), there is really no excuse for a plugin to cut corners. Or have no corners at all. I want to raise awareness and promote writing plugins the right way.

Secondly, I just released my own plugin into the wild: bbPress New Topic Notifications.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development is the best (and only) book which walks you through writing a plugin properly. It covers all the APIs and best practices, so you can be sure and receive all the praises of writing an awesome plugin.

Entering to win is simple. Just leave a comment that describes a plugin you would like to see written. Example: I’d like to see a plugin that enables avatar uploads for bbPress 2.0.

Two winners will be selected and announced on Friday.

Update: Congrats to Nick P. and Mannie S. – they were the two randomly selected winners. Check your inbox for more details! I’m hoping to run another giveaway with more goodies next month!


  1. FlashingCursor says

    I’d like to see a plugin that serves me cocktails and hors devours while I code some WordPress awesomesauce. Also, I’d like it to code the awesomesauce.

  2. Glenn Mulleners says

    I’d like to see a plugin that automatically publishes new posts to social networks, for example Twitter, Facebook (profile + fanpage) etc. directly from WordPress instead of using a service like Hellotxt

    • Luke says

      Would like this very much. Able to target by wildcard URLs would be amazing. (i.e. different content per category)

  3. Craig Paterson says

    I’d like to see a simple to use and easy to administer online booking plugin for guesthouses/hotels

    • says


      Actually, guesthouses/hotels are only the tip of the iceberg, there is a huge demand for a booking plugin that is simple and flexible enough to be used for bookings, appointments, events, reservations, rentals … any situation in which a given resource is available over specific periods of time.

      It seems obvious and the demand is clearly there – I come across so many people searching for this – but the existing WordPress solutions have no thought or style behind them, are poorly supported, ridiculously inflexible, rarely updated, insanely priced, foist horrible design and formatting decisions upon you or are lousy iFrame portals into hosted services.

      Whoever gets it right and keeps it simple will have a monster hit.

      • says


        Staypress is a nightmare on every level; the seller, Barry Getty, suppresses legitimate criticism by deleting paid memberships without any refund, but StayPress is a blatant scam, probably the worst example of someone ripping off the WordPress community: the plugin doesn’t work, the documentation is laughably inadequate and the support is non-existent apart from pre-sales enquiries.

        The problem is that people are so desperate for a WordPress booking solution that they are easy prey for parasites such as Getty.

  4. says

    I would like to see a plugin for restaurant sites that aggregates reviews from the popular review networks (i.e. Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Google Places, etc).

  5. says

    I would like to see a plugin that allows you to select multiple relationships between posts. As a community we’ve been waiting for the release of Pods 2.0 for over a year but it would be good to see a lightweight alternative to it as well.

  6. says

    I am desperate for a good plugin that integrates BuddyPress and a membership function with multiple levels of membership and e-commerce across a multisite installation. I’m dreaming, I know…

  7. says

    I would like to see a plugin for e-commerce that works. There are options at this time, but the choices don’t function properly or require tons of code hacking to work as expected. One of the most popular, WP E-Commerce, is more of a hassle to use then anything else. I think that a reliable, easy-to-use commerce solution would make WordPress an even easier choice for developers.

  8. Isaac says

    I’d like to see a plugin that allows me to track outgoing links within iframes, maybe by adding some code to the page in the iframe and integrating it with a plugin.

  9. says

    I would like to see a Theme+Plugins Bundler. Basically something that allows you to bundle your theme with specific plugins and possibly have their settings saved that you could deploy automatically. Not going into too many details, the bundler could be a one-click installer and/or have a checklist of “recommended” plugins you want to install/skip. Not sure what would be the best way to do it, but could probably start with generating an XML file from specifically selected currently installed plugins and their settings. For example, you’re running Twenty Eleven with All in One SEO Pack, Yoast Breadcrumbs and NextGen Gallery. You launch the Bundler, check all currently running plugins and export their meta data and settings into an XML file. Then on a brand new install, no matter what theme you’re running, simple launch the Bundler – upload your XML file and hit one-click install. It should download the bundled theme and plugins (possibly the correct versions), install them and import their settings. From there if any updates exist the user can manually run update the theme and plugins, or the Bundler could prompt to run the updates (if any detected). This way we won’t run into settings incompatibility and will be able to gradually update to the most current versions of the themes and plugins after their initial settings were imported.

    I think this would be an awesome feature to use in free and commercial sector. People could share their bundles, easily clone clean setups etc. This also would motivate theme developers to include less built-in functions that are already offered by abundance of plugins and rather offer bundles that would pretty much offer out-of-the-box functionality.

      • says

        I understand where you coming form, but it would take a big effort to motivate third-party developers to make their plugins aware of other “third-party” plugin. The “bundle” plugin would have to have a huge following. It would be much easier and correct to make it centralized via core APIs.

        On the other hand – I thought it was kind of a rule of thumb to have a single array of settings per plugin, so all your settings are in a single DB record. If that’s actually the case, it would be much easier to get devs on board if the plugin was gaining popularity. Many devs wouldn’t have to do anything special if their settings were saved in a single record. Then it would be a matter of tracking their option key and dumping its data into an XML file. We could have a public Wiki page where WP shops could add compatible plugins – I think it would grow fast since a lot of dev companies (theme devs, plugin devs, private and public – all would be interested I’d think) would use bundler for their clients and know which plugins are compatible and which aren’t.

        I’m not a programming guru by any means, but if it was me, I would start with add_option/update_option functions and see if I could hook-in and analyze which option handles belong to which plugins and keep track of them.

      • says

        If you really like the idea and wish to tinker with it – take a look at the wp_load_alloptions() function.

  10. Larry says

    I would like to see a plugin that has the same functionality as the “nudge” in MSN. It would shake a site. It could have a widget to put in the sidebar with a button. It would be a stupid idea, if only the nudger could see it, but if everyone on the site could see the nudges, it would be awesome.

  11. Sarah says

    I’d like to see a calendar plugin that when an event is created it sends an invitation out to a list of email addresses, who can then access an rsvp link via the email – you would be able to also push out notifications to those on the invitation list… very similar to updating attendees of an event change like on Facebook.

  12. says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a plug-in that worked with the CloudFlare API to bring the analytics and CloudFlare settings right in to WordPress….I would buy it, I would use it, and so would my clients!

  13. says

    I woud love to see a plugin that watches a Twitter stream for a specific and customizable hashtag. When it sees a tweet with that hashtag, it auto-posts the tweet as a status post.

    I would pay money for that.

  14. says

    I’d like to see a plugin that creates a product post type, including a product entry form on the back end that includes a link to an etsy product page, and a link to the main etsy page.

    Many artists both use etsy for their sales, and have a blog.
    Sowing products on their blog is important.
    However, they don’t need a full blown shopping cart package with payment gateways, shipping calculators, inventory tracking, and the like.

    • says

      Post types are useless unless they’re used in templates, so this is something that has to be done together with the theme or perhaps the theme only. P.S. check out what WooThemes are up to, seems like they’re launching a WooCommerce platform/parent-theme.

  15. says

    I would like to see a plugin that allows you to list a handful of URLS (ideally pointed to blogs) and keywords/topics, and then cross post links (with pingbacks, etc) for an auto updating series of posts about topics you wish to monitor. It would be like a blogroll, but linking headlines of content you like instead of just pointing to the whole blogs of people you follow.

  16. says

    I’d love to see a plugin that integrates Flickr pictures with WordPress’ gallery functionality:

    1. Easy display of thumbnails that link to fullsize pictures
    2. Easy display of pictures at a specified width (not necessarily one of Flickr’s standard widths)
    3. Easy setting of featured image to an image on Flickr

    Even better, have this plugin be able to work with other picture sites, too, such as PicasaWeb/Google+ pictures.

  17. says

    I would like to see an audio player plugin that uses HTML5 markup when Flash is unavailable, and doesn’t splurt JavaScript into the `head` of every single page (how hard can it be to only include JavaScript where needed? Well, quite hard, but an audio player doesn’t even *need* JavaScript.)

    • Hassan says

      Done that. I have a shortcode for it:

      * Audio shortcode
      * Play MP3 files using Audio Player ( and falls back to
      * HTML5 Audio if flash's not available. Main reason for this approach is that FireFox
      * does not support MP3 playback. This should do the trick.
      * You can also customize the look of the player.
      * @example [audio mp3="path/to/mp3.mp3"]
      function boom_shortcode_audio( $atts, $content = null ) {
      global $content_width;

      extract( shortcode_atts( array(
      'width' => $content_width,
      'mp3' => '',
      'preload' => true,
      'autoplay' => false,
      /* Player Customization */
      'bg' => 'f8f8f8',
      'leftbg' => 'eeeeee',
      'lefticon' => '666666',
      'rightbg' => 'cccccc',
      'rightbghover' => '999999',
      'righticon' => '666666',
      'righticonhover' => 'ffffff',
      'text' => '666666',
      'slider' => '666666',
      'track' => 'FFFFFF',
      'border' => '666666',
      'loader' => '9FFFB8'
      ), $atts));

      if ($preload) {
      $preload_attribute = 'preload="auto"';
      } else {
      $preload_attribute = 'preload="none"';

      if ($autoplay) {
      $autoplay_attribute = "autoplay='autoplay'";
      } else {
      $autoplay_attribute = "";

      $download = _t( 'Download audio file' );
      $swfurl = ( is_ssl() ? 'https://s-ssl.' : 'http://s.' ) . '';
      /* Use the local player */
      //$swfurl = trailingslashit( LIBRARY_SWF_URI ) . 'player.swf';

      $output = "



      return $output;
      add_shortcode( 'audio', 'boom_shortcode_audio' );

  18. Andrew says

    This is a long shot and probably not even possible, but I would like to see a plugin which integrates with WP stats and/or google analytics that allows authors on a multisite network to see stats on JUST their own posts that they have published (without seeing the overall site stats). I’m using WP as a directory type service where each author can post a “listing”. Allowing them to see unique visitors to their listing, between certain time frames and all that shebang would be extremely useful.

  19. says

    I’d like a plugin which lets assign and “lock” user access per post/page and enables the admin to attach files to each specific post/page which only the assigned user can download. Kind of like a “client area” for a web design studio..


  20. says

    I’d like to see an Upgrades plugin which allows you to create a business model for WordPress Multisite Installs. Something that would turn any plugin into a paid Upgrade. Similar to how Automattic does it on

  21. says

    * project management / invoicing / estimates plugin
    * fluid slideshow plugin for responsive design
    * multiple criteria search form plugin (custom fields / taxonomies)

  22. says

    How about a WP plugin that enables syntax highlighting and automatic save/restore points in the Plugin and Theme Editors?

    Also: A plugin that tells clients they have too many plugins installed.

    • says

      I’d say how about a plugin that disables the theme and plugin editors no matter how WordPress is configured 😉 That’s an area where Joes should not be allowed. No offense to Joes :)

  23. moepstar says

    I’d like to see a plugin that scans wp-content/themes and ./plugins, checks for modified files of the plugins, automatically creates patches for modified files. Then upon updating it should check if the produced diff applies cleanly and only then allows for updating the still compatible plugins…

  24. says

    It should be great to have a plugin to upload an manage images from photobucket directly from WPadmin…

    This is my correct email please delete the old comment

  25. says

    I’d like to create two plugins – 1) a “buy image now” plugin that worked with WP default [gallery] so that when viewing the large images a link to buy that image with various options for an ecommerce photo solution … 2) a Prayer Line plugin that would be easy for Churches to add to their WP sites … i built a prayer line using HTML/OS for that is wrapped in iframe but a natural WP plugin would be the better way to go … thanks for contest opportunity and here is hoping new reading material is in my cards :>)

  26. says


    I would like a plugin to sell numeric product (e-book, themes, plugin …) with these features :
    – PayPal paiment
    – Handle subscription (membership)
    – User can connect to their member area and download their product anytime
    – Sells tracking
    – relationship with bbPress (same account) for support

    Thanks :-)

  27. Ciobi says

    I’d like to see a plugin that allows creation of custom register and login forms that allow more flexible hooking than the default WP ones.

    Also something that allows code completion for backend code editing.

  28. says

    These are two plugins I would like have.
    1) A library plugin: To operate a library with wordpress. Issue/receive back reminders etc.
    2) Volunteers Management for non profits.
    I can give more info if needed.

  29. says

    I would like a plugin that allows me to enter a screen where i can dragon and drop the blog parts and resize them a bit like what they have on moonfruit. also a plugin that sends website notifications stat updates and stuff directoly to your mobile through a text. 😀

  30. says

    I am working on a program management plugin which will include task/projects and communication.

    I would like to see more plugins which help with maintaining a staging and production environment and deploying changes to the production server.


  31. says

    I would like to see a plugin that allows you to book different types of services, i.e. restaurants, night clubs, theatres, wine bars and other entertainment events. Then it would automatically notify the business owners of the bookings, also allow the businesses to take a payment straight from the bookings plugin.

  32. Ashmita says

    I’d like to see a plugin that gives complete login log and gives information of which IP did the visitor logged in.

  33. says

    I’d like a plugin that creates a restaurant recommendation service for local groups. Users can add restaurants, add details such as photos, location on a map, food type, etc., and then rate and comment on other restaurants in the system. Then you can search and sort restaurants based on location, popularity, etc.

    I know, it sounds like I’m recreating Yelp here. But the idea is that this would be deployed on business intranets, local association websites, etc., so that you get advice only from peers who live/work near you.

  34. says

    I’d like to see a plugin that takes every recruiter who leaves me a voice mail saying i’d be perfect for a ruby on rails developer position because my resume mentions that i developed front end in a ruby on rails environment and kicks them in the balls as hard as humanly possible. Can you develop that plug in?

    If you can, I’ve got a perfect position for you as a Joomla developer in rhode island, buddy!!!! Send me a resume!

  35. GaryJ says

    I’d like a plugin that allowed a developer to enable and disable WP_DEBUG on a per-site basis in a multisite install.

  36. says

    I would like to see a utility plugin that allows the blog owner (who is not technical) see which plugins should be deactivated due to lack of support (i.e., plugin not updated in over a year), not compatible with the current version of WP installed, and a few other good criteria!

    As you wrote, too many plugins are out there that should NOT be installed.


  37. Jonathan Liuti says

    I would like to see a decent fully featured newsletter plugin that:

    – Sends newsletter based on the blog activity.
    – Integrates with mailchimp nicely for more complex stuffs.
    – If you don’t use mailchimp, the plugin should offer a simple templating system. (eg: should let you define area like widget area to build your newsletter content easily).
    – Offers a smtp configuration.
    – Offers subscriber / list management.

    I know there are some plugins that try to achieve that but I’ve tried most of them and they all seemed to be clunky or just not working at all.

  38. says

    Even if the contest is over, here’s a suggestion:

    I really need a killer Project Management / Client feedback WP plugin, with “add/edit/Mark complete” task, %-tracking of project and task completion, New mail upon changes/new, to the ivolved parts of the project, Overview Dashboard (both for clients and admins), ability to comment on tasks/projects, Ability to assign Clients to specific projects (so when logged in, they can not see other clients/projects), ability to upload/attach files and images etc.

    Throw in time-tracker and Invoice capability and maybe even the ability to create/send/accept quotes thrugh the system and a PayPal integration + registration of payed invoices, well… Then I’ll even be willing to buy it if it was a premium plugin (as the 3 project management plugins that are on the market today, only can do some of it or other, but unfortunatly not it all).
    If working on WPMU then even better.

    Jus my 2 cents! =))

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