Genesis bbPress Extend

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I recently had a project which required integrating bbPress (which, obviously I am a fan of) into a site built on top of the Genesis Framework.

From my experience, 90% of the integration went smoothly. There are a few things that may crop up and screw with your iteration depending on how you have your Genesis settings configured.

I have thrown together a quick (translation: rough) plugin that should keep these oddities for occurring.

Download plugin

As I mentioned, this plugin isn’t quite done, which is why I haven’t submitted it to the .org repo yet. However, I noticed in the bbPress forums others were having this same issue, so hopefully this can help fix the issues until a packed plugin is released.

The root of the problem boils down to Genesis archive pages. By default these archive pages use the_content – when this is the case usually things work fine. Problems start creeping up when users change the archive settings in Genesis. If you have your archives set to automatically display a post thumbnail or to crop the content output to XXX characters, things break.

bbPress does all its magic by filtering the_content to add in all of the forum goodness. When Genesis changes what is output (say by adding post images or limited the content length) things explode because that is not what bbPress is expecting. I have bought this up in Genesis Trac and it doesn’t appear a fix will be applied to core, which judging by the length of this plugin I don’t blame them, so a plugin will be needed to fix the issues.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions just leave a comment!