bbPress 2.0 RC5 brings Genesis compatibility

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Just a few days ago bbPress 2 rc5 was released. It has a handful of tweaks, but the one I wanted to point out is addressing Genesis Framework compatibility.

Ticket #1622 was opened just 2 weeks ago by jjj and was based on the bbPress Genesis Extend plugin I had thrown together to fix a few issues with Genesis. After a week of tossing the patches back and forth with jjj, we ended up with solid fix and he committed it just in time for rc5. :)

If you want to see the guts of the patch look no further than bbp-includes/bbp-extend-genesis.php. Quick breakdown of the patch:

  • Fixes issue with bbPress pages not loading due to customized Genesis archive settings
  • Removes post info & meta from bbPress pages
  • Removes Genesis breadcrumbs from bbPress pages
  • Removes Genesis author boxes from bbPress pages
  • Removes pagination from bbPress pages
  • By default, uses a full width layout across all bbPress pages

The last fix is really nice as it allows you to make sure a set layout is used across all your bbPress pages. Before this fix it was quite the task to get a consistent layout. The best thing is, thanks to jjj, it is completely filterable. So while, by default, bbPress uses the full-width-layout it can be easily changed using the bbp_genesis_force_full_content_width filter.

If you are using bbPress with Genesis and run into any issues, be sure and let me know in the bbPress forums or in #bbpress!