Starter Genesis child theme

UPDATE 1/23/2012: The starter theme has been completely rebuilt using the styles and features from Genesis 1.8. I created a new repo (and removed the old one) so the links below have been updated accordingly. Please check out the readme for more information!

This is my personal “starter” theme (base theme) I use when working with a project running the Genesis Framework. It is based on of the Sample child theme by StudioPress with some minor modifications. Feel free to use it as you see fit. Obviously, it requires the Genesis Framework. Suggestions and forks encouraged. The GitHub page contains a bit more information.

Download (GitHub)


  1. Annie says

    Hey Jared,

    Tried using your Starter theme and no matter what I put in the widgets for the homepage, nothing shows up. Any thoughts on what’s up? The sidebar widgets work fine, though. Just not the home bottom left/middle/right.

    I’m using the newest release of Genesis (1.8, I think it is) on WP 3.1.

  2. says

    No problem.

    First make sure you have uncommented the stuff thats in ja_homepage_meta() in home.php

    Secondly, you need to register the sidebar areas in the functions.php – you should be able to just drop in this snippet:

    /** Homepage Sidebars */
    genesis_register_sidebar( array( 'id' => 'home-bottom-left', 'name' => 'Home Left', 'description' => '' ) );
    genesis_register_sidebar( array( 'id' => 'home-bottom-middle', 'name' => 'Home Middle', 'description' => '' ) );
    genesis_register_sidebar( array( 'id' => 'home-bottom-right', 'name' => 'Home Right', 'description' => '' ) );

      • Annie says

        No dice. :/

        Let me reinstall and see what happens ….

        By the way- thanks for such quick responses!

      • Annie says

        AH HA! That did it. Something must have been corrupt in the original file or something. I installed via the WP dashboard previously but this time I FTP’d it in. So, looks like whatever happened is fixed.

        Thanks again, though, for being so quick on the replies. That’s what’s so nice about the Genesis community in general – good people, always willing to help!

        Now, to style away! 😉

  3. Affan Ruslan says


    What is the purpose of this code

    function ja_global_js()

    If I have a new jquery plugin to be used, do I just leave it or edit those function?

  4. Pasi says

    Hmm… No sidebar widgets in homepage. I see those only when I view a single post.
    The bottom left|mid|right shows fine. I have genesis 1.9.2 and wp 3.5.1

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