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My presentation from WordCamp San Diego!


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    Hey Jared! I was at WCSD for your presentation…it was great. Been super busy finishing up some open projects, now on the verge of starting some new ones and I want to implement some Custom Post Types. Can you point me to some further documentation or source code for adding custom meta boxes / content editors / image upload etc. for the post edit page? Trying to create a richer CMS for my clients who need more advanced control over their custom themes. Thanks!!!

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    Just a follow-up: I used the code for metaboxes you linked to on GitHub (I remember this from WCSD too), and it’s AMAZING! I’m so excited to have this flexibility without using a plugin! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    I just added two cpt and one taxonomy. the taxonomy is assigned to both cpt. When I add a tag to the cpt the publish and the update button remove the assigned tag from the custom post. Quick update works.

    Any ideas?

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    I tested and tested and it seems that it is connected with the
    in particular with the “taxonomy_multicheck” – type.

    If I use that type then the update of the custom post removes the assigned tags, but when I comment out that metabox field the update function works.

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