Jared Atchison and family


I’m Jared Atchison, owner of Atchison Consulting LLC. I live in College Station, Texas, with my wife, Sam and our daughter, Madelyn. I’m an experienced WordPress developer, Texas A&M University graduate, husband, father, Texan and Dachshund owner.

My goal is to create custom solutions that help businesses add value and solve their problems.

Focused and Specialized

I write code. Code that solves problems and helps businesses do things better. That is my area of expertise.

I do not believe in the jack of all trades approach. My philosophy is to do something and master it rather than do many things and and be average. I do not accept average.

When we work together you can rest assured you have partnered with someone who has honed his skills. Someone who works in a specific field and does it well.


I have been writing code for well over decade. As the Texas expression goes, “this ain’t my first rodeo”. I have the experience to tackle complex problems. To build custom solutions that are efficient and cost effective.

Additionally, I’ve been in business for 5 years. In internet time that might as well be forever. During this time I’ve seen other developers and agencies come and go, but my business is growing. I attribute this to my knack for business and the sense of professionalism I apply to every project.

Industry Expert

I am a big believer in continuing education. Becoming complacent does not benefit me or my clients.

So every year, I present speak at notable industry conferences around the country. I not only speak to share my knowledge with others but I also go to learn, so that I can stay a leading expert in my field.

Client Oriented

When you’re a customer things are simple. Transactions are simple – and often one-time-only. You pay and I deliver code. I know a lot of developers that do that.

I work with clients – where we develop a long-lasting relationship. Sure money changes hands, but what we’re more focused on is developing the kind of communication shorthand that helps me know what you’re thinking. Because we’ve worked together long enough to know we’re both focused on your long-term success.

What does this mean for you? It means I’m going to speak the truth to you – in the best Texan way I know how. I’ll be straight with you because I want to be a part of your long-term plans for success and there’s no time to be indirect. Of course I’d appreciate the same kind of interaction from you. That would be a good thing.

Proven Track Record

Over the past 5 years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients. In fact, over 50 percent of my work is with previous clients or direct referrals.

Clients come back because of their experience, the value I provide and the professional way it is executed. They know I deliver on time and on budget.