Customize FullCalendar 2 to look like Google Calendar

FullCalendar 2 is a great jQuery plugin that provides and generates a full sized calendar. It’s a fantastic script and extremely well written. The best part about it is it ships with an add-on that gives you Google Calendar support. With this add-on you can pull in all the events from your Google Calendar (or…

CaboPress 2014 starts tomorrow


At the beginning of 2014, I sat down one weekend and looked at 2013. Then I looked at where I wanted to go in 2014. I’m not a huge fan in setting goals (I prefer systems and actions) but I essentially mapped out how I wanted to approach the new year. On the very top…

Facebook’s revenue vs usability decision →

I’m really disappointed I was never picked to test drive the now defunct “test” Facebook design. Instead, it’s dead, forever. Facebook picked revenue over proven usability, despite the “test” design doing better. The new design looks like lip stick on a pig. It’s taking the design everyone hates and sprucing it up just enough so…

Developing websites in the 90s →

I was hit with a wave of nostalgia reading this. Few things I would add: Auto-playing MIDIs Showing off your WAV collection Hit counters Obligatory dancing baby movie Free hosting – Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, Homestead Table ALL THE THINGS CGI and perl scripts

WordPress one click updates with MAMP PRO →

Just a tidbit for those developers, like myself, who haven’t made the jump to Vagrant (yet) and are still rockin’ MAMP. I very rarely do development locally (typically I dev sites on my super sweet Synthesis VPS) so MAMP PRO still fits the bill nicely for me. Anyways, if you do fine yourself using MAMP and…

I’m looking to really ramp up and post more tutorials/how-to’s on my blog this year. If you have any suggestions for WordPress or Genesis write ups let me know. Either drop me a comment or fill out my contact form.

Giving users control over their avatars

Front end management via the shortcode

I’ve been working on a handful membership sites recently. One of the feature requests I get repeatedly is for members to easily manage their avatar/profile photo – a totally reasonable request. None of the existing solutions did everything I needed, so I wrote my own. It’s available on