What can I do for you?

I specialize in several WordPress-centric services that are carefully tailored to provide a great value to you and your business.

Custom WordPress Development

I leverage WordPress to build solutions that help you. I have deep technical knowledge in multiple areas of WordPress, which means I can work with you on almost any aspect including theme and plugin development, API integration, site scaling, technical consulting, and more.


I have created hundreds of custom themes. What does that mean for you? It means I know the theme process well and can develop your site more efficiently and cost-effective than many others.

Each theme I build is 100% custom built, from the ground up, for each client. This allows me to create a theme that is lean and fast, because it is tailored specifically for you. It ensures the theme contains all the things you need and none of the things you don’t. The perfect balance.


Here’s what happens. People pick plugins that do what they want them to do. Only those plugins also do twenty other things too – creating a hefty and bloated site.

I create small, focused, and often complex plugins that only do what you need them to do, so that your site loads quickly. And that makes your customers happy.

Professional Code Audits

During a code audit I put the entire site under a microscope. I dive in under the hood and review everything: the underlying code, site theme, plugins used, current web host and more. I will identify any issues I find which will be explained in the findings report I provide on completion. Additionally, I’ll also provide a clear, recommended plan and quote for addressing all issues found.

Full Service Solutions

The full service solution is perfect for those who need the whole enchilada: discover, design and development. I partner with my designer and together we’ll walk you through the project. The result is a clearly outlined process that delivers exactly what you need, all while working with two experts in their respective fields.